Planting continues in Acacia region of farm

Planting continues in Acacia region of farm
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The dry season weather has finally arrived after a wetter than average wet season during which 988 mm fell at Eden Lassie between Christmas Eve and the end of April (71 days with rainfall out of a total of 127 days for that period). 

Planting has continued in the 'Acacia' region of the farm which will be progressively filled over the next few months.

Despite the wet weather and other complications, the team have put in a big effort during the first third of this year.

All agave seedlings planted during this 2021 to date have come from stocks hardening at in nursery.  These seedlings are from the collection from the foundation harvest in Ayr in 2019 and they are starting to outgrow the trays that have been their homes for almost 2 years.

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