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Nestled in the heart of The Whitsundays sits Australia’s only Agave spirit farm.

The farm

Our agave fields are located 20° South of the equator between Bowen and Airlie Beach on the doorstep of one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. They mirror Mexico’s Jalisco, which is located 20° North, making them ideal for growing agave.

Research & development
Our world-leading research and development program is focused on the development of new cultivation techniques to optimise soil and plant health, as well as fermentation and distillation from the estate agave. The project is also a recent recipient of an Australian Government funding grant.
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Our Plants
Our plants are the Blue Weber Agave (Agave Tequilana Weber Azul). While it is the same plant as that used in the distillation of tequila, they are acclimated to Australia, specifically Queensland’s dry tropical north.
Currently planting in
Greta Flats
Currently Plating | Australian Agave Project
The Farm | Australian Agave Project

Our goal is to have a distillery that is powered by renewable energy, this will form part of our broader sustainability energy ambitions.

Through the integrated use of renewable energy, the farm can be a catalyst for step changes in the application of sustainable development principles throughout the pristine Whitsundays.
Sustainability | Australian Agave Project
Our impact

We have a responsibility to implement sustainable farming and production practices to protect the reef and region.


Renewable Energy

Sustainably is at the heart of the Australian Agave Project and our goal is to have the distillery’s energy needs delivered by renewable energy resources.



Agave is naturally a more drought tolerant and less water intensive plant than other crops grown in the region. Drip irrigation installed beneath the surface of the soil delivers water directly to the root, resulting in significant a reduction in evaporation.



Through the use of drone technology and data management, plant growth rates and health are recorded, along with weed suppression effectiveness. Ongoing trials are also being conducted to test cultivation, planting, irrigation and monitoring innovations.


Carbon Sequestration

The farm has low soil carbon content due to the intensity of previous farming and the lack of cover crops.  New land management activities will improve soil quality and increase its carbon content.


Cover Crops

The use of cover crops is an essential component of the ultimate agave production system. Benefits include: improved soil health leading to increased productivity for plant production and increased water retention in soil, reduced sediment run-off and weed suppression.


Industry Seeding

As a year-round crop, agave can assist local service providers to ‘level-load’ their operations. It can also potentially provide an alternative crop for producers in the area to grow on TSI’s behalf.

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