A one-of-a-kind, sustainably-produced, premium Australian Agave spirit that will compete with the very best in the world.

Our ambition
Our Ambition | Australian Agave Project
Grown on the doorstep of the pristine Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef, our coastal agave will be a truly regional and distinctive spirit that exemplifies the very best of Australian terroir.
Our spirit farm at Eden Lassie Creek will support a premium Australian Agave spirit category on an international scale. The size of the farm and production capacity will place it in the top 25 of the world’s agave spirit (including tequila and mezcal) producers and the largest outside Mexico.
We can't call our spirit tequila or mezcal and that's just fine with us. We have an opportunity to focus on quality to produce the highest quality spirit with the lowest cost and energy use. Our agave will be distilled using a proprietary process, respecting the traditions of past, but not being bound by them.

We are unconstrained by the traditions of established spirits provenances that protect their industry but stifle innovation.

The flavour of our land is core to our spirit development. We have the freedom to focus on quality of agronomy and distillation, rather than tradition or rules, to produce a world-class spirit.
Our Ambition | Australian Agave Project

From plant to bottle, our spirit will be created with sustainability, innovation and community at its core.

Our leadership

daring australian spirit

daring australian spirit

daring australian spirit

Top Shelf International

Founded in 2014, Top Shelf International is Australia's leading premium spirits company. Through the creation of an Australian Agave category and our portfolio of authentic Australian spirit brands, we are crafting spirits to take to the world.

This project is committed to excellence in agronomy and liquid creation. We are aiming for our Australian Agave Spirit to rival the best in the world and are using cutting edge technology and proprietary processes to redefine the possibilities of agave spirit production.
Our world leading research and development program is focused on exploring ways to transition our craft distilling techniques to scale, to improve operational efficiencies across our value chain, and experimenting with new tastes that can transform customer experience.
In addition to our sustainability objectives, we are committed to supporting The Whitsundays community. This project is expected to generate more then 50 jobs and a range of tourism, agriculture and manufacturing opportunities for the local region.
The proposed supply of green energy, including both solar and hydrogen, to power our Australian Agave Distillery will place TSI at the forefront of global sustainable spirit distilling operations and see the Eden Lassie distillery as one of the few ‘green’ distilleries in the world.
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