Research & Development Partnerships

Research & Development Partnerships
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Our world-leading agave research and development program is led by Prospect Agriculture Agronomist Chris Monsour at our Australian Agave spirit farm, Professor Rachel Burton, Dr Juanita Christine Lauer and Associate Professor Susan Bastian from Adelaide University, and Dr Dervilla McGowan from Anther Experimental Distillery .

Prospect Agriculture

The Prospect Agriculture team, led by agronomist Chris Monsour with in depth regional experience over many years, not only works alongside the team from Adelaide University but conducts ongoing agronomy trials on site.

Chris and the team are also responsible for all aspects of the farm’s management and operations.

Adelaide University

The project is a recent recipient of an Australian Government funding grant. $760,300 over 3 years via Australian Research Council’s Linkage Program.

The project focus is on the development of new cultivation techniques to optimise soil and plant health as well as optimisation of fermentation and distillation from the estate agave.

Maximisation of product character and consistency via integration and control of the production chain, from plant growth, input materials, fermentation and distillation steps to deliver a complete plant to bottle traceable supply line.

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