The new Australian Spirit

The new Australian Spirit
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TSI has invested in more than $6million in its R&D programs since inception.

We are unconstrained by the traditions of established spirits provenances that protect their industry but stifle innovation.

In Australia, we have more freedom to experiment and find new ways to create great products that the market loves.

We are exploring ways to transition our craft distilling techniques to scale, to improve operational efficiencies across our value chain, and to experiment with new tastes that can transform customer experience.

As we have done with NED Australian Whisky, our Australian Agave spirit will be distilled using a proprietary process, paying homage to the pioneers and respecting the traditions of past, but not being bound by them.

We have an opportunity to focus on quality of spirit, rather than tradition or rules, to produce the highest quality spirit with the lowest cost and energy use.

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