Agave Brand Reveal

Agave Brand Reveal
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We are thrilled to be able to reveal Act of Treason as Top Shelf International’s brand for our first release of Australian agave.

It joins NED Whisky and Grainshaker Vodka in a portfolio of premium spirit brands that share a common attitude that celebrate the best of Australia’s ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Both NED and Grainshaker are the fastest growing spirits in their respective categories. Along with agave, these categories are the among the largest and fastest growing in the world, with glass spirits and ready-to-drink driving total alcohol category growth.

It’s time for agave to be given the opportunity to expand its horizons beyond its traditional home, Act of Treason aims to challenge the status quo and break the mould – it is an act worth committing.


It will be a brand that will be focused on bringing the best of Australian provenance, creativity and daring spirit.


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Top Shelf International’s President Agave and International Trent Fraser said: “Our mission is to create a stunning,regionally-expressive, Australian terroir driven spirit to the world and we are already feeling a buzz of excitement about creating this new agave spirits category.


“Engagement with key domestic and international retail and major hospitality groups has already begun and we are working on new and innovative ways to engage our trade partners in this trailblazing project.


“Our portfolio will contain the agave classic expressions but with TSI’s trademark appetite for rule breaking. Consumers also should expect to see some bold innovations as we push the limits,” said Fraser.


One of the opportunities for retail and hospitality partners to connect early with the project is by partnership with TSI to secure their very own Field of Treason, similar to how individuals were able to obtain a row of plants in our world-first NFT project.


This is a pioneering initiative that will allow partners to reserve an exclusive plot of agave in advance of the launch which TSI will grow, nurture and harvest on their behalf under the Act of Treason brand. A number of different fields of varying sizes are available.


Fraser also said he was also thrilled with the health and progress of the agave plants.


“The agronomy practices at the farm are truly world-class and at the forefront of global agave and the recent sugar trials from a pina taken from our Eden Lassie farm is evidence of that. We were delighted with the results that showed an acceleration of the sugar level and overall plant health and growth compared to our last trial six months ago. But as with all agronomy projects of this nature, the plants will tell us when they are ready for harvest.”


By taking the famed Blue Weber Agave from its historical homeland to the dry tropics of coastal Queensland, we plan on making it ours, giving the plants the care and nurturing they have never seen before.

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