Eden Lassie Farm Visit

Eden Lassie Farm Visit
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We were pleased to be able to host more than 60 shareholders, brokers and NFT owners at our Eden Lassie Farm at the end of March to show what we have created and share our vision.  

Our guests explored our stunning Australian Agave spirit farm, tasted our spirit and received updates from our project business areas – including distillation, energy and production.

TSI’s President Agave and International, Trent Fraser provided a whole of project update, including an insight into his international experience, the category and our ambitions.

Chief Agronomist Chris Monsour also explained how we areusing drone technology to monitor the health and growth of our plants and the way the agave is responding to different soil types on the farm.

Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Eden Lassie without enjoying a margarita as the sun sets in this beautiful piece of paradise.

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