Final bulbils arrive

Final bulbils arrive
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The final consignment of plants from a south-east Queensland nursery was delivered to the farm recently. 

These plants have grown from bulbils collected from site of the foundation harvest in Ayr in 2019.  About 180,000 agave seedlings from this nursery have been planted at Eden Lassie since we commenced early 2020.

This means that all planting from this point onwards will come from either plants generated by tissue culture or from pups collected at the Eden Lassie spirit farm and transplanted into new blocks.

If you need any more evidence of just how amazing agave is, the plants in the photos below are the same age.

Incredibly, both plants below came from bulbils collected from the foundation harvest in 2019 and were sent to nursery. 

The plant on the right was planted in May last year and is now about thigh height and with a stem diameter of about 80cm.

The plant on the left has been in a seedling tray in the nursery for more than two years and spent most of 2020 being deprived of water and nutrients so that it didn't grow until we were ready to plant it at Eden Lassie. 

There a very few plants that can handle this sort of treatment and still be able to be transplanted and successfully grow into a plant that we hope to harvest in 4 years. 

The agronomy team will be monitoring these plants with interest to see how they develop over time relative to other agave planted at the farm.


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